What’s on my desk?

Spice, epic dark fantasy and hulking pirate airships. Tragic Angst, deep complicated love and definite not heroes.

A magic system based on the four elements of our own world, the magical purple Aether restricted by The Eternal Machine. The copper heart tended by the malicious creatures of Iverbourne, inmates of the filthiest sort filling the mountain the Eternal slumbers in.

Lythienne is Empty, the only High Fae born lacking Aether. Sent away for her crime the moment her demonic black eyes open, she grows up in The Eternal Mountain. Becoming the Keeper of Death is a very non hero thing to do, yet somehow she becomes the most wanted Fae for the one aspect she is hated for most.

The ultimate lack of power residing in Lyth becomes a seductive, dangerous calling to all those who wish to possess the only Fae who can wield an ancient weapon, The Harbinger.

So, is this story about a hero saving the day? Or the origin story of the deadliest Fae alive ?

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