Prince of Sylvan

Adult Dark Fantasy Novella to the Eternal Machine

The novella Prince of Sylvan occurs 20 years before The Eternal Machine and focuses on Alvis’ years in Sylvan. This will contain spoilers for those who have not read Eternal Machine, though it can be read first. The Eternal Machine can be enjoyed without this novella but many clues and world building elements are exclusive to this story, and prepare you for Realm of Giants, book two.

Alvis is the preferred heir to the throne of Sylvan, a Fae court built on hatred and blood. High Lord Typhan pushes Alvis every day to murder his own brother and absorb his power, becoming an unstoppable weapon.

A lifelong blood bond will force Alvis to make a choice between his brother or mother, as he cannot disobey a command given by his father. Unlike most blood bonds, his can be broken, at the expense of his mother’s life.

Typhan is losing patience and soon his request will be a command, then Alvis will have to kill his kin by the sword, or a broken blood bond. Alvis decides he would rather take his own life than choose between his kin and live as a monster any longer, but a legendary Captain arrives with a troublesome first mate the Prince can’t keep out of his heart.

Friends, love and a whole new world waits outside their imprisoned court, but at what cost?
Blood, or sanity?

Excerpt from Prince of Sylvan
The Binding

“From this day forth, and until the day each of us die, we shall be bound by blood. Orion and Alvis cannot conspire to harm me in any fashion, or do so physically or by means of Aether. They cannot leave the walls of Silverbury unless I say so.” Typhan orders, his command tightening the Aether chains until they dig into my skin.

No, no. This can’t be happening.

“Furthermore, Yira shall be physically or verbally unable to organize any more of these foolish rebel groups, or smuggle any more Fae or Humans out of Sylvan.” A soft cry emits from Mother and she finally locks eyes with Orion and I, desperate violet eyes searching us for forgiveness.

We’ve known about her ‘crimes’, but they do not shame us. She has finally given up after centuries of fighting, that is where her guilt lies. I wish I could tell her to feel no such thing.

“And one more thing,” Typhan keeps his gaze on me, a smile playing at his lips, “You two, Orion and Alvis, will not be able to resist a command or order given by me, my word will be law. Dutiful sons, shall we say?”

“It’s servitude!” Orion barks, fighting against the bonds that are now almost entirely immersed into his skin, and all of ours.

“The blood bond can be broken if … ” Typhan holds up a finger and I narrow my brows, the whole point of a blood bond is that they can’t be broken.

“Hmm, let’s see, for example, dear Alvis, if you decide to disobey my command, a horrific and tortuous death would befall your Mother and Orion. Attempted assasination will earn you the death of her, and Orion. However, if you plan to escape, only your Mother will receive a fatal fate.” Elation fills his last statement, and I stare at him with stunned fury.

“And dear Yira, if you break your bond or ever attempt to leave me again,” Typhan grasps her chin firmly and pulls her face upwards, his smile fading into a snarl. “Both of your sons shall die, and your life shall be bound to mine, for all of our eternal life.”

“And you? You have no conditions?” I ask, tears falling without apology. Typhan smiles wide and tilts his head.

“I am not the traitor here, Alvis.” With an echoing snap, the vines settle into all of us, our blood bond permanently marked for all eternity, or until one of us breaks.

Prince of Sylvan is a dark fantasy with several content warnings related to fictional violence and trauma, please read the preface before beginning your adventure. 18+ audiences only.

Prince of Sylvan is free to all newsletter subscribers.

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