Twenty Days

Dragons, the Undead and Betrayal awaits in the next installment in the Take me to Iverbourne series.

Novak. Zemer. Akar. Tzel. Vagabond Bard.

I’ve had many names throughout my life, and I suppose they’ve all suited me well enough. Who knew Villain would be the name that I wear best?

Months after the events in The Eternal Machine, Novak leads an Expedition into the long separated Realm of Giants, a land filled with dragons and dangerous secret societies who already have their eyes set on Iverbourne.

Novak’s mind is set on one thing, defying the course of Death, but as he meets new foes, finds family and himself, he begins to ask himself a vital question.

Is defying Death worth the cost of humanity?

Realm of Giants is DARK and a MM romance, please read the preface before starting your adventure.

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