The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

This person can be considered ‘The Wise Fool’, they follow a spiritual path and recognize the need for sacrifice to prevent stagnancy. This may be self sacrifice, such as giving up things to gain something new, or acting as a martyr to save others. This card is often compared to the story of Odin hanging himself from the World Tree and losing an eye in exchange for wisdom.

They are loosely bound and content with their decision, their pockets are empty because material things are no longer needed here. The ancient tree they are bound to has roots to the underworld, providing a place for The Hanged Man to wait patiently. They may be meditating on a change of perspective, or simply need to suspend time and wait for the problem to resolve.

When the Hanged Man stands upright once more, his world view will be altered and his path infinitely more spiritual.

The Iverbourne Tarot deck keeps on growing, with more fan favorites like Panrauth, Lyth, Alvis and Captain on their way. I think this one is just so fitting for Novak, especially if you know what happens in Realm of Giants.

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