The Rebel Foxes

Welcome to the Dome, a special kind of hell where flora and fauna are legends brought to life by Shifters, a mutant race that the malevolent Citadel and Upper City hunts down relentlessly.

The Rebel Foxes are a powerful Shifter gang led by Rajni, a fox shifter hellbent on bringing down the oppressive system impoverishing Humans and wiping out Shifters. They take in those who need shelter and give away their wealth to the poor in the Underworld.

Her pack is thriving and for the first time in years, they have a counter attack planned for The Hunt, a night planned by the Citadel. A night dedicated to flushing Shifters out so anyone can murder them without the worry of standard daily limits and hunting tags.

But, all good things must come to an end. Rajni’s past catches up with her on the night of the Hunt. The Human with amber eyes that once saved her life demands her help.

Or else.

Fight with Rajni and her foxes,

Drystan, the peaceful panther and nanny.

Jaromir, the wise polar bear who loves to bake.

Balderik, the golden canine with healing hands.

Hotaru, the black fox who likes chemistry too much.

Xylia and Takara, the foxes who share Rajni’s bed, and her dreams.
The Rebel Foxes will release in mid September and ARC sign-ups will be sent to my newsletter subscribers at the end of August.

This is an adult fantasy and features poly relationships, neurodivergent leads, fighting the system and found family.

Cover by Henni Eklund, @gagakumadraws on IG, Tiktok and Tumblr.

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