Fists and Boots and Elbows and Knees

WIP Wednesday from Phantom and Rook (cw: fictional violence)

    I grin wildly at Leon despite the warmth pouring from my nose and the pain riding my body. “You’re the problem, Leon. Not me. Quit being a coward and take me right fucking now then, prove it that you don’t want me, because you know what? I. Don’t. Believe. You.”

    Leon’s hard, furious expression doesn’t change when we charge each other at the same time.

    I remember now.

    We didn’t use magic.

    We used fists and boots and elbows and knees.

    We beat each other to an inch of our lives, slinging blood into the water where it intermingled with the tears of one unnamed friend and the blood of another.

    I lost a tooth, that’s when that happened, and I broke his arm. Snapped it right in fucking half.

    But then  … oh yes, then he cheated.

    He restrained me with dark and frigid magick, power I didn’t learn to overcome until fifty years later when we met again, for the last time.

    The world was closing in and I thought I heard boots pounding against the earth, but I gave up. I decided if the way I was meant to go was at my lover’s hands at the end of a hard fought battle, then so be it. Tragic, but romantic.

    But then, the sun overtook him and there was so much blue as the world caught fire.

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