Cozy Gay Fantasy

“Oh I’ll just write a cozy gay fantasy with found family, something quick and easy.”

100,000 + words later.

This End is near and I can’t believe what this story has become and how many people love these two already. I literally wrote down ‘festival thief’ on a napkin, an idea to one day pursue in between my steampunk books.

The ARC forms are up and more art is in the works, not to mention possibly an audiobook. If you want to sign up for an eARC you can do that here.

Arlo and Thatch

His eyes slowly open and he looks into my soul. “Who are we to turn away from what we’re made for? No matter how much it hurts.”

I answer him the only way I know how, because words are not enough.

    I wrap myself around him and dive into his parted lips, he closes the distance and hoists me into his arms. My nails drive into his back and he moans into me, exhaling magick and lust. “Sorry,” I murmur, but he shakes his head.

    “You can’t hurt me, but you can try.”

    Something is different about the way we touch each other now. Last night was reverence and memorization and love. But this, this is different.

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