Adventures in Levena

It’s all fun and games until you need more witch content in your life.

Adventures in Levena is a place for all things Phantom and Rook. Short stories and news about upcoming books in the series can be found here, along with the maps. Good luck on your quest,


Short Stories

Witchtober – Desert

Today’s witch is brought to you by the prompt desert. “Code Green, all available practitioners to Bay Three. Doctors Lasange, Berkinson, and Myonski report…

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Witchtober – Lunar

In honor of October, my favorite month, I’ve decided to participate in Witchtober. A friend of mine actually suggested it for their art, and…

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Phantom and Rook Posts

Put your talons up.

Welcome to Thitwhistle’s, a place where you can let your tail down and stretch your wings out. There’s Monster Hot Cocoa and sugar bombed…

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