Children of Iverbourne

Dark Steampunk Fantasy, Unlikely Heroes, Found Family, Meddling Gods

The novella Children of Iverbourne, prequel to The Eternal Machine, is a short and dangerous adventure through Iverbourne during it’s worst. It can be read first.

Children of Iverbourne occurs 236 years before the original story, following the original heroes of the war torn lands and the difficult choices they must make, all to ensure a better future.

A terrified slave, lacking bravery or free will, sent on an impossible journey.

A hardened Commander of the Eternal Machine, taking in his newest inmate. An hours old baby.

A half crazed Fae, former Hero of Borealis, hellbent on serving bloody justice.

Two Parents on a journey to deliver their child to Iverbourne, to freedom, no matter the cost.

A rising Captain defeats her demons and makes friends with a troublemaking orphan Fae.

The Eternal Machine can be enjoyed without the prequel but many clues and world building elements are exclusive to this story.

Children of Iverbourne is a dark fantasy with several content warnings related to fictional violence and trauma, please read the preface before beginning your adventure. 18+ audiences only.


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