Realm of Giants

Sequel to The Eternal Machine

Novak. Zemer. Akar. Tzel. Vagabond Bard.

I’ve had many names throughout my life, and I suppose they’ve all suited me well enough. Who knew Villain would be the name that I wear best?

Months after the events in The Eternal Machine, Novak leads an Expedition into the long separated Realm of Giants, a land filled with dragons and dangerous secret societies who already have their eyes set on Iverbourne.

Novak’s mind is set on one thing, defying the course of Death, but as he meets new foes, finds family and himself, he begins to ask himself a vital question.

Is defying Death worth the cost of humanity?

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“You were never worth her heart. You were never worth Alvis’ heart. You let Savir down. Why do you keep holding onto these feelings? These hearts, none of them care for you. They break you and make you weak.” Tzel berates me for my pathetic existence, for not doing more, for failing at everything I do.

Someone is whispering, whispering, WHISPERING, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP.

That’s not Tzel lecturing me, he’s not here. Who is TALKING?
I startle when a delicate jade hand rests on my shoulder, it quickly pulls away.

Viv’s tender voice tethers me. “Can I hold you?” She murmurs and I nod, her question settles the surprised ants under my skin. She sits beside me, then pulls my broken body close to her chest and caresses my cheek while I continue to fall apart. I wrap my arms around her thick middle and hold on for dear life.

Her touch isn’t revolting or skin crawling, it’s welcoming and something I need.

“I never told her,” I struggle, choking on words and mucus. I bury my face further in her fur and wool covered chest. “Never told her, why did I mess up so bad.

Viv rocks me gently in her arms, her voice low. “She knew, Novak. She knew how much you loved her. As much as she loved you, she wanted to do something good with her life. She didn’t want to be the Keeper of Death anymore, and that was bigger than both of you.”

“She’s not coming back, is she?” I squint through grief up to her own tear stained face, dark hazel brows scrunching up her perfect skin.

“No, I don’t think so.” Her long fingers rest on my brow, a sad smile quirks her red lips up. “Do you want to know?”
I contemplate her calm words. No, I don’t think so.

When anger doesn’t find me, I realize it must be because I don’t believe it. I won’t accept it until this bond is figured out. Not yet. I wipe my face with my sweater sleeve and sit up cross legged beside Vivvus, then nod.

“Please, tell me everything.”
Realm of Giants is much darker than the first book and is told from Novak’s perspective. Novak not only has the Tzel, this God of Darkness inside him, but his own personal demons such as depression that he fights on a daily basis. He is filled with so much anger in the first half of the book, and scenes like this where he starts to reconnect with his friends were so beautiful to write.

Realm of Giants Special Edition

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Prologue to Realm of Giants

Maverick Makts’ Residence 16,086 AD “Thank the Ancients you’re here. When did you arrive in Cervalis?” “Just now, the moment we landed I felt something was wrong, so I Traveled here.” “Of course you did, and alone at that, again. Spoiled fuckin’ Fae.” Maverick and I stand outside his mansion, surrounded by guards who each…