The Eternal Machine

Dark Steampunk Fantasy with High Stakes Adventure, Spicy Romance and an Inclusive Cast.

Keeper of Death is quite a fitting name for a villain, and yet Lythienne finds herself as the only Fae who can save the realm of Iverbourne.

Born as an Empty Fae, she is sent into the Eternal Mountain, a prison designed for the most malicious, blood thirsty and cursed creatures alive. Her crime, along with so many other creatures, is being Lesser than the grand High Fae who rule the divided lands above.

Aether magic rules Iverbourne, a whimsical land ravaged by long held prejudices, unkind to all those without magic. The Others are a mysterious court to the south, kidnapping and murdering all those on their path through the continent.

Only a Fae without Aether can wield the mysterious Harbinger, a weapon of mass destruction needed to defeat the epic evil taking over the realm. The elegant call of immense power corrupts most, especially those who have been mistreated.

Dangerous lust, high stakes adventure and loyal companionship are thrust into Lyth’s life, but can she be the Hero after playing the Villain for so long? After all, why would you want to save a world that wants to see you buried six feet under?

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The first scene started it all. A disabled, short and fiesty woman bringing this behemoth of a man to his knees with a steampunk machine whirring out of control in the background. I wanted a female character who was the opposite of a typical chosen one. She eats like a horse, drools in her sleep and has a foul mouth, not to mention the fact she’s in constant chronic pain and is the definition of an underdog.

Shortly after writing Lythienne and Panrauth, a certain pirate crew we meet later on steal the show, earning themselves prequels and side novellas with their adventures. Soft boys with big hearts hiding depression, warrior princes with martyr complexes and rebellious Captains with dysfunctional childhoods. The characters in these books are what I’m most proud of and I’m so thankful to be able to share them all with you.

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What better way to celebrate than with a new edition? Pre-orders for the special edition of The Eternal Machine are open, illustrated by the Lianne Peterson. These will be released on my debut book’s birthday, Halloween of this year.These are signed, glossy hardbacks with dust jackets. They will have the full tarot illustrations inside the pages…