Malakim’s Tower

Sequel to Realm of Giants.

Malakim’s Tower is the third novel in the series and will be releasing early 2023.

Friends are Enemies. Enemies are Friends. And no one is safe.

War is knocking on the door of every kingdom, discovered and unfamiliar. The Crew of Misfits and Expedition has merged and formed the Company, a rag tag group of old and new friends, Giants and Fae. The Company is stretching far and wide in search of allies and growing more doubtful of their Hero returning home. Even worse, if he does, he will never be the same.

Novak has found friends in the den of his enemy and is earning freedom one heinous act at a time. With the Second Prince’s help, Novak has begun to unravel the mystery of Dragons and Angels, Gods and Ancients. Answers come with a price, however. Bloodshed and ghosts taint Novak’s sanity and it’s time for him to make a choice.

Die as the Hero, or Live as the Villain?