Princess of Terra

WW Dark Steampunk Fantasy, Reluctant Hero, Betrayal, Lore

I’ve never stepped out of line.

I’ve never done things I shouldn’t.

Until the day I snapped, executing half my family and reluctantly sentencing my youngest brother to prison. Little did I know a certain Keeper of Death would bring him home, and change everything.

After overthrowing a kingdom that is not mine, side by side with the Shadow of Death, I met Captain, and life changed from the first time we laid eyes on each other.

Now, friends have been lost, my home is torn apart by a monster. War is ravaging Iverbourne and the Realm of Giants, and our family needs help.

All hands on deck are needed when it comes to fighting a new, powerful enemy, who once was our friend. Let’s hope it’ll be enough.

Princess of Terra is a dark fantasy with several content warnings
This is intended to be read after The Eternal Machine and Realm of Giants, serious spoilers are involved.

Iverbourne in Audio

There’s going to be a lot happening in the next few weeks, so to kick things off let’s celebrate with new audiobook covers of the Iverbourne series! The Realm of Giants audiobook is nearly finished, narrated by Jacob Bucholz, the same narrator who did Prince of Sylvan. He has brought such life to Novak, and…

Princess of Terra

The day I ascended to the throne I executed half my family, imprisoned my youngest brother, and made love to a woman for the first time. As most stories filled with tragedy begin, this one is no different. It was a beautiful day.

Auntie’s Here

The day Panrauth lost his family, and Vivvus became Princess of Terra.