Realm of Giants Special Edition

“Alright, ahuvi. I will tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was heroic prince who met a troublesome bard, and the two fell in love.”

I don’t know how much time is lost after I begin spinning exaggerated tales of our time together. I start with the first day we met, when I knocked him on his ass.

I detail our visit to Farhaven and how we defeated Loyska together, the beginnings of a friendship which quickly turned to more. The prince made new friends and explored unfamiliar lands beyond the prison walls he grew up in, he and his brother were part of a family now.

The prince confessed his love to the bard by a frozen pond, a sacred place illuminated by fireflies that thrived in the cold. That night while making love in the airship, the bard admitted his own growing love, and the two were happy.

I skip over the fact their romantic relationship only lasted a year, skimming over the hurtful parts and onto our adventures with Captain after I had left. I swallow guilt and disappointment thinking about leaving him for Sage, and focus on how we saved hundreds of people together.

It’s always been him and I.

I describe how the bard and prince brought peace to everywhere they visited. How the prince managed to feed entire villages, and how the bard revived the voices of those who were the most broken.

How everyone knew them both by name, both their terrible deeds and the good.

How they wreaked havoc on the corrupt, and saved the unfortunate, together.


The heartbreakingly beautiful special edition cover of Realm of Giants, illustrated by Fantasy Sprite Studios who has outdone herself again.

You can pre-order signed copies of this on my author page, its the second novel in my steampunk series and full of angst, queer love, and exploring new worlds.

Special Edition Pre-orders

What better way to celebrate than with a new edition?

Pre-orders for the special edition of The Eternal Machine are open, illustrated by the Lianne Peterson. These will be released on my debut book’s birthday, Halloween of this year.

These are signed, glossy hardbacks with dust jackets. They will have the full tarot illustrations inside the pages and sprayed edges. I will also include scenes included in Princess of Terra, along with the short of Alvis’s fantasy, expanding the POV to more than just Lyth’s during the story.

Pre-orders will receive maps, bookmarks, a random tarot print, and new stickers. Let’s cause some havoc with the pirates, shall we?

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

This person can be considered ‘The Wise Fool’, they follow a spiritual path and recognize the need for sacrifice to prevent stagnancy. This may be self sacrifice, such as giving up things to gain something new, or acting as a martyr to save others. This card is often compared to the story of Odin hanging himself from the World Tree and losing an eye in exchange for wisdom.

They are loosely bound and content with their decision, their pockets are empty because material things are no longer needed here. The ancient tree they are bound to has roots to the underworld, providing a place for The Hanged Man to wait patiently. They may be meditating on a change of perspective, or simply need to suspend time and wait for the problem to resolve.

When the Hanged Man stands upright once more, his world view will be altered and his path infinitely more spiritual.

The Iverbourne Tarot deck keeps on growing, with more fan favorites like Panrauth, Lyth, Alvis and Captain on their way. I think this one is just so fitting for Novak, especially if you know what happens in Realm of Giants.

The Hunters are Coming

I never forgot the boy with amber eyes, but I wish he forgot about me.

Paw stuck in a trap.
Pull, push, struggle.
Friends are yipping, crying. Why aren’t they running?

The Hunters are coming. Heavy boots, guns and death.

I lock eyes with the golden puppy holding a small red fox by the scruff of her neck. I send out a call of distress, ordering my friends to save themselves. Leave.

The Hunters are coming. Metal spikes, hatred and nets.

I fight once more against the steel jaws, but my leg is broken. A tall Hunter is approaching me. I steal another look at my friends, they’re gone. When I give my attention back to the Hunter, I am met with amber eyes brighter than the fluorescent neon signs lighting this apocalyptic hell.

The Hunter is disproportionate. A small, soft face is hidden behind the respirator hissing in the space between us. Black hair falls forward when he reaches for me, and I snap.

He giggles. “It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.” Dirty fingers move to the mechanism in the trap. I bare my teeth, wary of his kindness. He sounds like a child. Someone like me.
“I’ve never seen a fox like you before, you look special.” He says softly, otherwise focused on his work.

Shouts fold my ears and he hurries. I keep my wary attention on him, listening to his ragged breathing through the mask filtering out smog.

It takes me a second to realize I’m free.

“There, go on.” He says with a satisfied smile, still squatting beside the trap. I slowly stand, holding my game leg close to my side. He shoos me off, footsteps are approaching.

The Hunters are coming.

I take a few tenuous steps to the kind Hunter and lick my blood from his fingers. His hand turns over, and oh, how his eyes brighten when I press my nose to where hard lines intersect in the center of his palm.

Evil, harsh voices bellow from behind him, starkly contrasting the only Human whose ever shown me kindness. “It’s ok, go on.” He says with wet eyes. I take a nervous step back and stare into his eyes, then run away.

I don’t look back.

Twenty Days

Dragons, the Undead and Betrayal awaits in the next installment in the Take me to Iverbourne series.

Novak. Zemer. Akar. Tzel. Vagabond Bard.

I’ve had many names throughout my life, and I suppose they’ve all suited me well enough. Who knew Villain would be the name that I wear best?

Months after the events in The Eternal Machine, Novak leads an Expedition into the long separated Realm of Giants, a land filled with dragons and dangerous secret societies who already have their eyes set on Iverbourne.

Novak’s mind is set on one thing, defying the course of Death, but as he meets new foes, finds family and himself, he begins to ask himself a vital question.

Is defying Death worth the cost of humanity?

Realm of Giants is DARK and a MM romance, please read the preface before starting your adventure.

Pins and Prints

Realm of Giants releases in less than a month from now!

Pre-orders are open and I’ve added some new book merchandise and updated the book bundles to include a pre-order option.

Crew of Misfits button pins are available alone or as part of a bundle, with an airship design.

I commissioned a Prince of Sylvan era illustration from a lovely artist, Patrycja Polak, who can be found on IG as @kislurysuje . Professional 5×7 glossy prints are available and are sold separately from the bundles, the artist will be receiving commissions from all sales. I added a watermark over the picture below which will not be on the original prints.

Crew of Misfits Pin
Alvis and Novak from Prince of Sylvan