Special Edition Pre-orders

What better way to celebrate than with a new edition?

Pre-orders for the special edition of The Eternal Machine are open, illustrated by the Lianne Peterson. These will be released on my debut book’s birthday, Halloween of this year.

These are signed, glossy hardbacks with dust jackets. They will have the full tarot illustrations inside the pages and sprayed edges. I will also include scenes included in Princess of Terra, along with the short of Alvis’s fantasy, expanding the POV to more than just Lyth’s during the story.

Pre-orders will receive maps, bookmarks, a random tarot print, and new stickers. Let’s cause some havoc with the pirates, shall we?

Prologue to Realm of Giants

Maverick Makts’ Residence

16,086 AD

“Thank the Ancients you’re here. When did you arrive in Cervalis?”

“Just now, the moment we landed I felt something was wrong, so I Traveled here.”

“Of course you did, and alone at that, again. Spoiled fuckin’ Fae.”

Maverick and I stand outside his mansion, surrounded by guards who each held a blade to my throat moments before. Sweltering summer sweeps through my long curls and sweat trails down my brow. Tzel hates summer, therefore ruining my former favorite season.

“They’ll come-” I start to say, but Maverick knows better.

“I’m not the one who needs to hear it, besides, all he wants right now is you.”

“That bad?” I ask, rubbing my neck.

“Don’t know, apparently Da isn’t special enough to share secrets with.” Maverick says, not unkindly. He sighs and scratches at his beard.

“Some things are just an achi thing, doesn’t mean you’re not raising him right.” I say, and the words taste sour. Maverick gives me a look of ‘do you hear yourself?’

“Let’s just go, it’s cooler inside.” Maverick says without meeting my eyes, and I follow him inside. Tzel purrs with relief and I roll my neck, shaking off it’s presence. I sparred with Alvis yesterday so the beast would be tired and behave today. These visits always break my heart and the thing preys on my emotions, taking control every time I turn weak.

“Settling nicely.” I remark to break the tension.

Lofty halls are being decorated by happy servants as we traverse through them, only Humans work here. Maverick is the first Human to be elected Lord of Cervalis, and they’ve only been living here for a few months. Savir misses Vabel, and I think Maverick does too, but he won’t admit it.

“I suppose.” Maverick says with a shrug, the lines in his face are turned down. The moment we’re alone again in a dim hallway, he stops and turns to me. “There’s already been an attempt, and this time they targeted Savir, too. Security took the assassin down easily enough, but still. I’m worried for him.”

“When?” I bristle and my fists clench. Tzel rumbles with annoyance, giving me a headache.

“Two months ago.”

“Right after I left, then.”


“Fuckin’ hell, why didn’t you lead with this? I’ll take care of it.”

“It’s not your job, and what’re you gonna do? You’re hardly here as it is.”

“It is my job. You and Savir are of upmost importance to me.”

Maverick looks away from me. “Your visits are farther and fewer in between. Either be here more, or don’t come back at all. You don’t understand what he’s like after you leave.”

I rest my hands on my old friend’s shoulders and squeeze gently. He stares into my eyes warily. “Your right, I’ve just had a hard time controlling, it, lately. I’ll … try harder.”

Maverick sighs and presses his forehead to mine. “You’re doing your best, we all are.”

“Let’s go see the boy.” I say, and we walk the rest of the way in silence.

We stop outside a closed bedroom door that neighbors Maverick’s. “Bring him out for dinner when you’re through.” He says over his shoulder, turning to leave.

“Sure thing.” I say, then step inside the dark bedroom and shut the door behind me.

I snap my fingers and the numerous sconces along the wallpapered walls flare to life. I walk through a sea of clutter, careful not to step on any of Savir’s many trinkets and memorabilia I’ve given him over the years from other lands.

Savir must’ve had a fit. His quick anger expresses itself in the form of throwing and hitting, something I’m sure he’ll grow out of. A bed, or fort, depending on how you look at it, is tucked into the corner of the spacious bedroom. Maverick and I built a faux tree trunk and integrated it as part of his room to help with the move, but I think it might’ve made Savir miss Vabel more.

Despite the fact it always gave Maverick a heart attack, Savir loves to climb trees.

“Savir, it’s achi.” I approach the tree trunk with caution, then sit down cross legged outside the narrow entrance. The small boy rolls over underneath a mound of blankets and sniffs, but he doesn’t leave his hideout.

“You’re late.” He states, small voice wet with anger and something else.


“I know.”

“I waited up all night during the last moon. You never came.”

“I know. I, was not myself that night. It takes me awhile to feel better, after. I’m sorry, Savir. I won’t leave you waiting again. Won’t you come out and talk to me?”

“Did you bring it?”

I chuckle, then reach inside my vest pocket. I stretch my legs out and lean against the trunk, then place the neatly sealed paper bag in my lap. I open the bag and cinnamon fills the air. I twirl a finger and my shadows warm the cinnamon roll, further filling the room with the scent of butter and icing.

A small boy with silver hair pokes his head out from the tree trunk. Blankets are pulled around his neck like a cape, making me smile. He crawls out on hands and knees until he’s sitting with me, side by side. He puts on a good show of pouting, arms crossed and brow set. I whistle and tear off a piece off the cinnamon roll, then obnoxiously eat it through ‘oh, it’s so tasty.’

“Fine, fine. I forgive you. Did he come with you this time?”

Savir looks up to me with those big, sapphire blue eyes that are flecked with black, like someone splattered ink across his pupils. They’re swollen and bloodshot, he’s been crying for most of the day. Locks of hair identical to stars is a wild mess, sticking up in every direction and flowing around his waist.

He’s hoping I’ll say yes, there is a hint of dimples in his familiar face. I want to say yes.

I offer him the cinnamon roll and he takes it with a gloved hand, gleefully diving in.

“No, Alvis had some work to do, but he’ll come next time. Should I tell him these are better than the last?”

Savir frowns but it only lasts for a second. “Yeah, how about cookies, next time? And he’ll bring them himself, right? I want to meet the Prince!”

I smile and wrap my arm around Savir’s shoulder, pulling him in close to my side. “Alright. Cookies next time.” Savir melts into me and I hold him tight. My free hand wipes hair away from his face. “Your Da isn’t going to be happy with me, giving you sweets for dinner. Better make sure you eat something so I don’t get into too much trouble.”

Savir nods and finishes chewing, his brows are pulled together. “I’m used to people hating us, but last time was scary, achi.”

“People don’t hate you, Savir, and they don’t hate your Da. I’ve told you what the world is like, they judge what they don’t know. Don’t worry, no one will be coming here ever again. I promise.”

Savir takes his left glove off and offers his hand to me. “Promise me like this.”

“Don’t trust me?”

“I didn’t say that … I just, want to hold your hand.”

I clear my mind and push away all things a child should never see. I leash Tzel and fill my head with only lovesafelove, then take Savir’s hand. He sighs and his fingers entangle tightly with mine. I allow silence to fill the room while he reads my mind. When he relaxes once more, I toe the line and hold him close.

“Tell me what happened, Savir.”

Savir holds me tighter than I’m holding him. Our joined fingers shake.

“I didn’t want to tell Da, after how much I had to fight for him to agree to school, but it was so awful, achi, they were so mean.”

Savir trembles in my embrace and I don’t speak, only kiss the top of his head.

“They said I’m broken, they said I ki,” Harsh sobs erupt, “killed my mama, that’s why I’m blind. I cursed myself.”

I pull Savir into my lap and cradle him the same way I did when he was born. I rock him back and forth, then bring my lips to his forehead and send lovelovelove, with Aether through his skin to soothe his incoming headache. He relaxes, but the tears don’t stop. His bare hand finds the agate necklace around my neck and he fidgets with it.

“Hey, you know that’s not true. Listen, to me, shh, listen. I love you, little Savior. You’re going to be a legend someday, more famous than I am. You can do anything, and don’t let anyone tell you different, not me, not your Da. I’ve got your back, kid. You are not a curse, and you did not kill your mother.”

“Promise?” He asks. “You have to tell me the truth, achi.”

Oh, how my heart breaks.

“I promise, Savir. All of it is the truth.” I slip my necklace off and kiss the flat stone plated with gold, willing this moment to embed inside the crystal. I slide it over his neck and oh how he smiles through the tears. “Here, now you can hear my love for you even when I’m gone, and I won’t be that long ever again.”

Savir throws his arms around my neck and hugs me. I hold him tight to my chest and sigh, fighting to keep my own sadness hidden.

“Will you tell Da?” He asks quietly after a moment, head on my shoulder.

“Will you keep attending school, or will you let this stop you?”

Savir contemplates for a moment. “No, I won’t stop going. I’ve come too far.”

I smile and ruffle his hair, then sit him up so I can press my forehead to his.

“In that case, I’ll keep this between us, if you promise to try your best, and if you come eat your dinner.”

Savir giggles, it’s been too long since I’ve heard the sound and my heart fills.

“I love you, achi.”

“And I love you, my little gibor.”

The Hunters are Coming

I never forgot the boy with amber eyes, but I wish he forgot about me.

Paw stuck in a trap.
Pull, push, struggle.
Friends are yipping, crying. Why aren’t they running?

The Hunters are coming. Heavy boots, guns and death.

I lock eyes with the golden puppy holding a small red fox by the scruff of her neck. I send out a call of distress, ordering my friends to save themselves. Leave.

The Hunters are coming. Metal spikes, hatred and nets.

I fight once more against the steel jaws, but my leg is broken. A tall Hunter is approaching me. I steal another look at my friends, they’re gone. When I give my attention back to the Hunter, I am met with amber eyes brighter than the fluorescent neon signs lighting this apocalyptic hell.

The Hunter is disproportionate. A small, soft face is hidden behind the respirator hissing in the space between us. Black hair falls forward when he reaches for me, and I snap.

He giggles. “It’s ok, I won’t hurt you.” Dirty fingers move to the mechanism in the trap. I bare my teeth, wary of his kindness. He sounds like a child. Someone like me.
“I’ve never seen a fox like you before, you look special.” He says softly, otherwise focused on his work.

Shouts fold my ears and he hurries. I keep my wary attention on him, listening to his ragged breathing through the mask filtering out smog.

It takes me a second to realize I’m free.

“There, go on.” He says with a satisfied smile, still squatting beside the trap. I slowly stand, holding my game leg close to my side. He shoos me off, footsteps are approaching.

The Hunters are coming.

I take a few tenuous steps to the kind Hunter and lick my blood from his fingers. His hand turns over, and oh, how his eyes brighten when I press my nose to where hard lines intersect in the center of his palm.

Evil, harsh voices bellow from behind him, starkly contrasting the only Human whose ever shown me kindness. “It’s ok, go on.” He says with wet eyes. I take a nervous step back and stare into his eyes, then run away.

I don’t look back.

Twenty Days

Dragons, the Undead and Betrayal awaits in the next installment in the Take me to Iverbourne series.

Novak. Zemer. Akar. Tzel. Vagabond Bard.

I’ve had many names throughout my life, and I suppose they’ve all suited me well enough. Who knew Villain would be the name that I wear best?

Months after the events in The Eternal Machine, Novak leads an Expedition into the long separated Realm of Giants, a land filled with dragons and dangerous secret societies who already have their eyes set on Iverbourne.

Novak’s mind is set on one thing, defying the course of Death, but as he meets new foes, finds family and himself, he begins to ask himself a vital question.

Is defying Death worth the cost of humanity?

Realm of Giants is DARK and a MM romance, please read the preface before starting your adventure.

Thank you.

The Eternal Machine is free as an ebook this weekend on Amazon. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far on my journey. I can’t wait to release Realm of Giants next month AND announce the next novella which will be WLW (Hint: A certain pirate queen and warrior princess)

If you’ve already read The Eternal Machine, I would really appreciate it if you took the time to review it. There have been hundreds of copies sold and my review count is honestly very low, so anything helps.

If you haven’t read the prequels, I HIGHLY recommend doing so before Realm of Giants releases.

Children of Iverbourne is Captain, Lyth and Novak’s origins with secret clues hidden about their futures.

Prince of Sylvan is a MM Romance and is Alvis and Orion’s origins. The love story between Alvis and Novak will be VERY relevant in the next book.

Everything will be explained without the prequels, but who would want to miss out on all that angst and spice?

Thank you!

I am blown away by the response and the results from the first week of The Eternal Machine being released. Over 70 copies of digital and print versions of The Eternal Machine have been sold.

I’ve also had the book added to my local library and bookstore, which makes me happy beyond belief. I’ve had good reviews on social media and Goodreads, there has been one negative review on Amazon but that is inevitable.

If you’ve read the book I would really appreciate an honest review anywhere you feel comfortable. If you post a review on social media and do NOT tag me in it I will not engage, I want everyone to have a place they can review comfortably.

I’m hoping you enjoy the adventure, as a debut author I’m aware there are aspects I can improve but I hope you enjoy the story nevertheless. Realm of Giants is the next book in the series and releases in February.

Welcome aboard.

The Eternal Machine is a DARK Steampunk Fantasy, intended for audiences 18+.

Keeper of Death is quite a fitting name for a villain, and yet Lythienne finds herself as the only Fae who can save Iverbourne.

Born an Empty Fae, she is sent into the Eternal Mountain, a prison designed for the most malicious, blood thirsty and cursed creatures alive. Her crime, along with so many other creatures, is being Lesser than the grand High Fae who rule the divided lands abo

Aether rules Iverbourne, a whimsical land ravaged by long held prejudices, unkind to all those without magic. The Others are a mysterious court to the south, kidnapping and murdering all those on their path through the continent.

Only a Fae without Aether can wield the mysterious Harbinger, a weapon of mass destruction needed to defeat the epic evil taking over the realm. The elegant call of immense power corrupts most, especially those who have been mistreated.

Dangerous lust, high stakes adventure and loyal companionship are thrust into Lyth’s life, but can she be the Hero after playing the Villain for so long? After all, why would you want to save a world that wants to see you buried six feet under?

Perhaps this isn’t a hero saves the day story. Perhaps, this is the origin story of the Deadliest Fae alive.

Excerpt from The Eternal Machine

Hundreds of blood thirsty Fae eyes burn on me, and every step is carefully placed.

Lifting brass and leather goggles on a burgundy nest, I halt before The Machine. A massive undertaking of ancient technology, with spider-like copper arms weaving into the abyss below. Copper gears tower to the top of the stone chamber, making the labor camps behind me minuscule in comparison. Metal cranks together, belts purr, and purple smoke fills the air above, never ceasing.

I trace along the cliff’s edge, passing the ladders leading down into the trench reserved for Keepers, the only engineers allowed so close to the beast. While inspecting for malfunctions or leaks, the gauges on my leather and tech-covered wrist spin out of control. The lingering familiar stench changes, sweetness replacing death hanging in the air. Exhaust vents huff speckled night now, instead of the purple haze.

In a place far from here, High Fae are Power. High Fae are Magic.

We are not in a place far away though. We are right here.

We work for The Eternal Machine, the beast conjuring magic and fueling the lands. Crimes of all kinds are welcome in this mountain, but you leave your magic behind. Rather, it is taken from you. Not that I know what that feels like.

Minutes pass, the only sound is made by leather boots and a whining engine.

I pause, halting before the foreman. A Grasshopper before a Bear. I snatch his dark matted beard and yank him down, tough knees meeting rock. Dull emeralds shine for a moment, his jaw tightening. My soft face brushes against his filthy cheek, my full lips meeting a pointed ear, a lover threatening sweet nothings. “Darling, what’s this?”

Explore the world of Iverbourne here and order your copy today.