Special Edition Pre-orders

What better way to celebrate than with a new edition?

Pre-orders for the special edition of The Eternal Machine are open, illustrated by the Lianne Peterson. These will be released on my debut book’s birthday, Halloween of this year.

These are signed, glossy hardbacks with dust jackets. They will have the full tarot illustrations inside the pages and sprayed edges. I will also include scenes included in Princess of Terra, along with the short of Alvis’s fantasy, expanding the POV to more than just Lyth’s during the story.

Pre-orders will receive maps, bookmarks, a random tarot print, and new stickers. Let’s cause some havoc with the pirates, shall we?

Thank you!

I am blown away by the response and the results from the first week of The Eternal Machine being released. Over 70 copies of digital and print versions of The Eternal Machine have been sold.

I’ve also had the book added to my local library and bookstore, which makes me happy beyond belief. I’ve had good reviews on social media and Goodreads, there has been one negative review on Amazon but that is inevitable.

If you’ve read the book I would really appreciate an honest review anywhere you feel comfortable. If you post a review on social media and do NOT tag me in it I will not engage, I want everyone to have a place they can review comfortably.

I’m hoping you enjoy the adventure, as a debut author I’m aware there are aspects I can improve but I hope you enjoy the story nevertheless. Realm of Giants is the next book in the series and releases in February.

The Crew has landed.

Signed Copies and book bundles including stickers and maps will be sent out first thing next week. With the current shortage affecting books now, the next round of signed copies may take longer than expected.

I currently have a limited amount of books so the earlier the better, link is on the homepage.

Thank you all for joining me on this adventure. I’m so thankful I get to share Lythienne’s story and can’t wait for you to meet The Crew.

Paperbacks and Hardcovers are here.

Children of Iverbourne Prequel

The novella Children of Iverbourne, prequel to The Eternal Machine was sent out today to newsletter subscribers. A short and dangerous adventure through Iverbourne during it’s worst.

Children of Iverbourne occurs 236 years before the original story, following the original heroes of the war torn lands and the difficult choices they must make, all to ensure a better future.
A terrified slave, lacking bravery or free will, sent on an impossible journey.

A hardened Commander of the Eternal Machine, taking in his newest inmate. An hours old baby.

A half crazed Fae, former Hero of Borealis, hellbent on serving bloody justice.

Two Parents on a journey to deliver their child to Iverbourne, to freedom, no matter the cost.

A rising Captain defeats her demons and makes friends with a troublemaking orphan Fae.

The Eternal Machine can be enjoyed without the prequel but many clues and world building elements are exclusive to this story.

Children of Iverbourne is a dark fantasy with several content warnings related to fictional violence and trauma, please read the preface before beginning your adventure. 18+ audiences only.

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Welcome to the Crew.

The Eternal Machine releases October 1st, 2021

Find out more about The Eternal Machine here.

We are not far from here.

Excerpt from The Eternal Machine

Hundreds of blood thirsty Fae eyes burn on me, and every step is carefully placed.

Lifting brass and leather goggles on a burgundy nest, I halt before The Machine. A massive undertaking of ancient technology, with spider-like copper arms weaving into the abyss below. Copper gears tower to the top of the stone chamber, making the labor camps behind me minuscule in comparison. Metal cranks together, belts purr, and purple smoke fills the air above, never ceasing.

I trace along the cliff’s edge, passing the ladders leading down into the trench reserved for Keepers, the only engineers allowed so close to the beast. While inspecting for malfunctions or leaks, the gauges on my leather and tech-covered wrist spin out of control. The lingering familiar stench changes, sweetness replacing death hanging in the air. Exhaust vents huff speckled night now, instead of the purple haze.

In a place far from here, High Fae are Power. High Fae are Magic.

We are not in a place far away though. We are right here.

We work for The Eternal Machine, the beast conjuring magic and fueling the lands. Crimes of all kinds are welcome in this mountain, but you leave your magic behind. Rather, it is taken from you. Not that I know what that feels like.

Minutes pass, the only sound is made by leather boots and a whining engine.

I pause, halting before the foreman. A Grasshopper before a Bear. I snatch his dark matted beard and yank him down, tough knees meeting rock. Dull emeralds shine for a moment, his jaw tightening. My soft face brushes against his filthy cheek, my full lips meeting a pointed ear, a lover threatening sweet nothings.

“Darling, what’s this?”

It’s not all angst, you know.

He reminds me of Alvis in a way, and Knothall. A male beaten down by centuries of battle, not artist work. “Can I ask you something?”

 He dips his needle in the ink and takes my right arm gently, rolling it over to begin work on my forearm. A mild annoyance of pain ensues, and he gives me a simple nod.

“What is a Zemer?” I ask quietly, expecting something crazy. He chuckles, bushy eyebrows raising as he focuses on his work.

“Tis from the old language, Zemer is a type of musician, one so talented they’re said to be made from music itself. Those Te’omin though, the twins? Oy, are they a handful.” He mutters, a sly grin pulling his wrinkles.

My cheeks warm and a small laugh escapes me. “They aren’t too awful.” 

Novak is playing his lute now in the center of the square. Umber and the twins are keeping him company, clapping along to his music. Children dance about and Novak skips around with the little ones, smiling wide while he strums wildly.

Alvis asks Umber to dance and she agrees with haste. He catches my eye, happiness is spread across his face and he throws me a wink. Waves of Fae and humans join the fun, some kind of dance everyone seems to know commences without a word.

Males join arms with females, swinging and twirling each other around. Orion and the Fae I assume to be Emeric stand on the sidelines, quiet joy beaming from the two.

Yes, I can imagine this place feeling like home.

I’m mad at you, stop laughing.

Excerpt from The Eternal Machine.

“I swear, if you say I’m fine one more time, I’m going to feed you to the Giants.”

I chuckle, my small laugh becoming boisterous. I hold my side, unable to stop.

Novak rolls his eyes, fighting a threatening grin. “I’m mad at you, stop laughing.” I lift my face and kiss his neck, brushing my smiling lips on the throbbing artery.

He shakes his head and kisses my lips, lingering and whispering the desperate words on mine. “Seriously, Lyth. I can’t do that again.”

She loves to play with daggers.

Excerpt from the Eternal.

Now clean shaven and his glorious walnut hair cut short, he is a stranger to me. The flame in his eyes I recognize, from our time in the Mountain.

He is stripping me naked.

I raise my chin, a different Fae meeting those hungry eyes. Tattoos bare, my pale skin is now tanned, numerous freckles lining my arms from the intense sun. Captain’s hat is atop my free flowing lilac hair, the tendrils healthy and sprawling around my wide hips.

I must be a sight. 

Pan dismounts the beast, drinking me in for one more moment before rushing the distance between us. Callused hands grab my cheeks and he kisses me with such intensity, I might faint. 

The kiss lasts only as long as it takes my hand to retrieve my dagger, the black blade meeting his throat and pushing him back. I give him a wicked grin, my heart racing. There is no fear on his face, just wild delight. We had just met all over again.

“We have to stop meeting like this.” I taunt, stepping back from him and sheathing the dagger. His sentries wait, still poised with a multitude of arrows aimed at my face from atop their horned steeds.

Alvis and Orion flank behind me, Novak comes to my side with a wicked grin and rolling dark aura. Pan wipes blood from his neck, chuckling when he spys it. He raises his bloodied hand up in silent command. 

“I thought maybe you missed me.” Panrauth smirks, crossing his browned arms. I expected him to be dressed in finery, instead he looked like he had just stepped away from working in a field. Dirt stains his face and body.

I chuckle, shaking my head as I cross my own inked arms and widen my stance. “What’s this nonsense I hear about my being a hero in these parts?”

“Why don’t we have dinner, and find out?” A devilish smile pulls at a corner of his lips. I can’t believe the way he is acting. 

He had left me.