When Witches Sing

A Yuletide Special

A glitter and glue covered witch calling the man who took him under his wing Dad for the first time.
A riverside vigil held for a man thought lost to time, arranged by a witch filled with chaos.
A dancing witch who hides in plain sight, protecting others like them from a violent and unfamiliar Levena.
A swamp witch comprised of moss and a lonely heart, who finds out how many ways a heart can be stretched.
A clumsy immortal, returned home to the hedge witch who has waited eleven years to hold his soulmate again.

There will be screaming goats, long nights filled with nightmares and the comfort of a lover once lost to time, burnt breakfasts and dancing in kitchens. Fireplaces will crackle to life in cottages filled with bones, crystals, paintings and books. The snow will fall lazily outside windows that are decorated with strands of citrus garland. The silver and golden moons will be full, and they will all dance around a bonfire to massive drums beat upon by kindred spirits.

And when the night melds with dawn, those who have been separated for far too long will reunite under candle light, accompanied only by the sounds and sensations of the person they’re with. Their person.

The witches will sing, and there will be so much love and life, that there can’t possibly ever be another Yule like this one.

When Witches Sing is available in print and ebook. Crew of Misfits email subscribers receive this novella for free.

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